Team outings

Is it time for a nice brainstorming session with your team? Do you want to schedule a team outing now it is allowed again, but are you looking for something different? Would you like to spend a day brainstorming about new campaigns with a number of colleagues? Then come to Island Life. As soon as you get on the boat (of course we will pick you and your team up with the boat) you literally and figuratively leave the mainland behind.

We have room for up to 12 people. Combine the useful with the pleasant: (creatively) get to work with each other. Meanwhile, we can shake things up with a tailor-made programme. Fancy a yoga session? We’ll arrange it for you. A completely different challenge? Battle each other on our mega SUP. But of course, you can also just relax in the hammocks, chill on the beanbags or the beach chairs.

We’ll organise and take care of the creamy lattes, original lunches and if desired, a barbecue. Let’s make a nice plan de campagne together. Contact us for the (unparalleled!) and fun options! We’re already excited to let you and your team experience a day of Island Life.