Wonderful getaway

Enjoy and unwind on your private island

Private island

In the middle of nature, 20 minutes from Amsterdam

Ga on an adventure

Gain new, unforgettable experiences

About the island

Just imagine: your own private island. Only accessible by boat, with a view for miles across the lakes. Wake up in the morning to the sound of chattering ducks and the rustle of the wind. Start the day with a swim around the island or greet the sun along the spacious pier. Pick fresh herbs from the garden, marvel at the crystal clear water or cast a fishing rod. Everything is possible. Here you have plenty of privacy, surrounded by nature. You feel like you’re in Scandinavia. Create memories.



The island lifestyle

You wake up wonderfully relaxed. What’s the weather today? Do you feel like taking the boat out for a spin or maybe going on an exciting sup trip. The Botshol nature reserve is just a stone’s throw away and is worth exploring. Staying in is also a great option. Play games by the fireplace or finally get around to reading a book. Swing in the hammock, enjoy a latte in the sun and make pancakes or waffles in the evening by the campfire. Dream away under the starry sky, see those flickering lights on the water. Tomorrow is another day.