Sailing lessons

Suppose you’ve sailed in your younger years. You’ve gone to a sailing camp, later rented a boat with friends now and then, you know what ‘harden up’ means and understand that you should not anchor on a lee shore. But eh… that’s pretty much the extent of your sailing knowledge. Because how do you dock your boot when there’s a strong wind? What about the right-of-way rules, and what exactly does the reefing of sails mean exactly?

Sounds familiar? Does it sound incredibly fun to go sailing again with friends, your family or just solo, but could you use a refresher course? Then e-mail, call or text Marcel. He is happy to help you on your way. For years, Marcel was a sailing instructor at various sailing schools in the Netherlands. He sailed tourists around Southern Europe, later explored the seas around Thailand and Australia with his family and is now back where it once started: sailing in his own boat. The one and only Island Life boat of our country, that is. And though Marcel loves to spend hours in his boat with his family, friends or just on his own, he is just as excited to teach you the intricacies of sailing (again).

Have you never sailed before, and would you like to finally learn it? Also then Marcel is happy to teach you the basics. This can also be done together as a couple, or with a few friends. An amazing experience! Or perhaps you can manage just fine in a sailboat with wind force 3 or 4, but you would like to retain control of the boat when it is really windy. Wind force 5 or even 6, for example. Typical weather conditions where Marcel shouts: ‘Now I want to sail!’. And he would love your company, while he teaches you how to keep the reins in such a strong wind.

You won’t get a diploma. What will you get? Wonderful, educational hours on the water, a no-nonsense mentality, smart tips and handy tricks that you will never forget and, if all goes well, a sip of the typical Dutch spirit Beerenburger. Welcome aboard!